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The Jool Camp

An elite, online school: a university for kids without borders, limits, or stress.

July 2024 - August 2024


July 2023 - August 2023

Jool students

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A sample day in the camp

​캠프 일정 중 하루의 일과는 아래와 같습니다
Every day is special

7.20AM: Organic breakfast & newspaper discussion time

8.15AM: Morning pilates & tutor pastoral & parent check-in

9.00AM - 12PM: Jool Intensive Curriculum classes with Jool classes
Polymath - Ben Teacher 9am - 10am

History & Sociology - James Teacher - 10 -11am

Literature - Karen Teacher -11- 12pm

12PM - 1PM: Organic Lunch

1PM - 6PM: Cambridge University visit and tour with student presentation (3PM - Brain snack)

6PM - 7PM: Dinner & discussion with teachers

7PM - 9PM: Stargazing evening & games
9PM - 9.30PM: Bedtime check-in/counselling with Korean teachers & meditation

Built for studying, with bonuses

The Jool Camp is a study camp, first and foremost. We're there to study intensely and make incredible progress. It's not going to be easy. However, you can only achieve incredible things when your emotional and psychological health is strong, so the camp is designed to balance the two. Kids need to love their experience if we want them to really go for it while studying.



Inspiring experiences

A perfect learning environment

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