Jool Homeschooling

Where to start?

Homeschooling is a difficult business indeed. It's hard to know what to do, when to do it, and to design activities that are thrilling for students. 

When we started Jool we thought about the same things with our own students. We didn't want to just use what was already out there, so we decided to take the time to create courses and workbooks that we love.


That's what Jool Homeschooling is. The books we love reading and the workbooks we took the time to make to help students learn more and be thrilled! 

Step 1: Decide what to study:

The Jool Polymath Programme

Our core programme 

History, Politics, and Sociology

Kids MBA

Coming soon!


Our books and courses focus on STEM content


the best books

Computer Science

Coming soon


Human & Animal Biology


Coming soon

Step 2: Pick a day to start that's right for you. You can study for the first week for free because we know you'll love it.

Step 3: Meet your new teacher on Classdojo to get started  (


Step 4: Read some amazing books along the way:

Step 5: Master everything with our carefully and lovingly crafted workbooks