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Jool Test Prep

All parents want their kids to achieve a lot in life and, often, that means tests - especially speaking tests. The problem is, tests create a lot of pressure and parents are often not sure how to prepare. We’ve designed our test prep classes to take away the pressure, teach students how to excel in their speaking test, and come out with the score they need. 


If you’re aiming for an elite international school or academy, it’s easy to get started and work out how to score as highly as possible:


1)  Book a level test to assess your child’s current English level:


2) When your child has done the test, we'll identify their weaknesses and write a feedback report.


3) Next, chat with our customer service team to create a plan and schedule for your child to help them ace their test.



Why are we so great preparing kids for tests? 

We don't have tests at Jool, but all of our classes focus on the skills kids need to get great scores. Tests test students on logic, cohesion, composition, lexical range and more. Guess what our classes focus on in every single class and in every single book? All of those things.


Our teachers are experts in this. They have years and years of experience, but they have a secret ingredient: the Jool Test Prep Playbook. We designed this for kids studying our own elite Jool curriculum, but then we realised that it could help tons of other students. We’ve helped students to take on the Eton and Harrow entry exams, top international school speaking tests, and, of course, some of the most difficult speaking tests in Daechi, South Korea. 

So, if you’re ready to take away the mystery of how to pass these speaking exams, book a test and we’ll show you.

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