The Jool Polymath Programme


The Jool Programme

The Jool programme is the original heart of Jool. It's the founding polymath course created by Jool's founder. 

A polymath can discuss, present, debate and understand a range of topics. It means you can understand how the world is connected and solve problems more effectively. 

Each book has 12 units - 1 unit per week

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The Jool Book 1

An intro to academic thought, debate, and presentations. It's a thrill and a challenge. 

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The Jool Book 3

Book 3 sets of into space for a rousing adventure with aliens, science, DNA, and a lot more. 

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The Jool Book 5

Book 5 takes aim at the world's biggest problems and students solve them. 

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The Jool Book 7

Why do humans have colour vision? Why do wars start? More huge questions.

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The Jool Book 9

Based on Guns, Germs, and Steel. The science and history of humans. 

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The Jool Book 2

In Book 2, students learn how to create and present ideas and solutions to problems. 

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The Jool Book 4

Icons explores the people who changed science, history, and US. 

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The Jool Book 6

Why do people get old? Why do living things get sick? Answers to big questions. 

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The Jool Book 8

How to build a ladder to space. How to be the strongest person in the world. 

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The Jool Book 10

How to build a ladder to space. How to be the strongest person in the world. 

Every book considers a range of subjects to create true, broadly educated polymaths.