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1st Grade/Year 2 - 8th Grade/Year 9

This is a key time for learners to open their minds and learn how to think. We believe the foundation for that is to teach our students how to say and explain what they think. We introduce our students to advanced and fascinating subjects with a simple idea - YOU CANNOT BE WRONG. This stage is about creating courageous and bold thinkers.


Polymath Programme All grades

The Polymath Programme is our core Jool course for students who want to understand how EVERYTHING - and we mean everything - is connected. We study science, history, literature, and more between to understand how the world fits together. Every Polymath class focusses on presentation skills, debating, academic discussion, and more between.


Science (General) - All grades

Our Science course covers a range of scientific areas in a stimulating and exciting way. 

We don't memorise things. We don't learn passively. We do lots of projects and use the ideas we learn in thrilling and creative ways. 

Story Book

Literature All grades

We carefully picked books that challenge this age group but also delight them. We love Roald Dahl and David Walliams because they help kids to fall in love with literature. Our workbooks guide the students through comprehension and introduce them to extended essay and story writing. 

We spend around 3 weeks with a book, so the pace is swift!  

Illustrated Medical Heart

Biology (Human) All grades

Our Biology course imagines training young doctors to understand the human body. We could stand around listing muscles, but it's far more creative and thrilling (AND EFFECTIVE) to create stories about blood vessels and imagine being shrunk inside a human heart on a TV show! We act, we create, and we LEARN science unforgetabbly. 

How it works

Jool doesn't do tests, but we do believe in hard work. That means reading a lot, writing a lot, THINKING A LOT, and doing more than we think we should. That's what the homeschooling curriculum is designed to do. It's challenging and it's difficult, but that's the key to get ahead. 

1. Pick a subject

Not every kid needs to focus on every subject, so we let parents and students pick the subject they want to improve or they love. That could be history, law, biology, or literature. Every subject will teach students to write essays, debate, explain, and think critically!

2. Meet your teacher

All of our homeschooling teachers are live class teachers because they know how to get the best out of their specialist subjects. Our teachers have 160 years of experience between them. We know kids and we know what they're capable of with the right teacher. 

3. Get on

Homeschooling can be overwhelming for parents and students, so we take the stress out of it and get you on track with a personalised schedule. We'll show you what to do, what to read, and when to do it. Our teachers are there for ONLY your child and always ready to help. 

4. Get

It's going to be tough because the chances are that you're going to be shocked by the expectations of the course. However, that's the point. There is no test and no stress. We work together to take our students 2 years ahead of school. It works. 


We're an official Classdojo school

We use Classdojo to organise all of our classes and maintain an easy, reliable channel to speak with our students and their parents in a safe and wonderful way. 

It's used by 50 million parents and students worldwide and we're proud to be a verified Classdojo school.

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Trusted By Parents - Our numbers

We know that it takes a lot to pick an online class for your child and not every class meets the expectations of what it says. We do and we always will. These numbers prove it: 

Classes taught

2022 - 3921 and counting... Everything is recorded and constantly improved.


Our teaching faculty have 160 years of teaching experience between them. 

Our books

754 weeks of study in 58 Jool workbooks written FOR kids.

Our students

644 loved, brilliant, successful Jool students. 

What Our Parents and Kids Say

“My daughter, who is studying at an Academy for Gifted Students, has been stressed with English academies a lot. However, we finally found the one that is perfect for her - Jool Education! Since we started Jool, we quit all the other English academies.”

Yuna's Mom,
4th Grade

I was very worried that my son would lose English speaking skills when we came back to Korea after attending school for 4 years in the US. However, he started picking up English speaking skills again with Jool Education. All the teacher are highly qualified! 

Benjamin's Mom,
Mid-School 1st Grade

Leo likes the writing class with JOOL teacher much more than the writing class at  school. He always looks forward to seeing what subject his teacher will give him. I was surprised that his level test scores improved remarkably even after taking the class for a month. 

Leo's Mom,
1st Grade

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