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These folks changed the world - 허준 Heo Jun 1546 – 1615

Heo Jun was a doctor - a genuine medical doctor. While Heo Jun was forming treatments for the plague in Korea, doctors in Europe were telling patients to rub pigeon meat on their boils and sores. Doctors knew very little about the diseases killing people around the world.

The black death was a woeful plague that struck Europe in 1348. It was caused by fleas biting people and the fleas were carried by rats. As people in medieval towns lived in damp and dirty towns with open sewers, rats and fleas had a feast!

Many people simply didn’t understand or comprehend the plague. They rubbed onions on their faces, drank urine, eating old syrup, and whipping themselves. Nobody had a clue about what to do to stop people from perishing.

Over in Korea, Heo Jun was already a prodigy. He became a court doctor at the age of 29 and was responsible for treating some of the most important people in Korea. Heo Jun believed that knowledge could cure diseases. If more people could study and learn about how doctors can heal diseases, more people would study and become even better doctors.

In Korea, doctors would use the most precious and expensive ingredients to create medicines for illnesses, but Heo Jun focussed on using common and easy to find plants to create cures for diseases. He made it possible for normal people to gather their own ingredients and create cures. Over his lifetime, he wrote 8 books about these cures.

The core concept of Heo Jun’s work was to use natural medicines from nature to cure natural diseases. Now, doctors love to give medicine made from chemicals, but natural remedies were the priority for Heo Jun. How many people could walk into the forest and find cures for a cold or virus? Maybe you should read Heo Jun’s book.

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