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Was Thanos innocent?

I can't...make a snapping sound!!!

Thanos Who was he? Thanos grew up on Titan in a peaceful and prosperous family. Over time, he became exposed to cosmic waves and we all know what cosmic waves can do to someone! He gained almost god-like strength and power. He started to experiment on others around him, killed his mom, fell in love with a woman called Death, and turned into the Mad Titan determined to kill half of life in the universe. Why was he completely villainous? Well, Thanos did have quite a low opinion of everything - LITERALLY EVERYTHING - in the universe. He had no hesitation in anything he did throughout his reign of terror across the universe. Oh, no. Wait. He did cry when he threw his daughter off a cliff. So, needless to say, he wasn’t the best of dudes. He happened upon Earth because some of the mighty infinity stones were there and he wanted them. So, as any mad titan would, he attacked Earth with a massive army. Eventually, he gained the Infinity Gauntlet and clicked his fingers (I don’t know why he had to click them - he might have just clapped) to eliminate half of life in the universe. Now, that finger snap includes all of the bumblebees and lemurs, which is completely uncalled for! So, there’s that! Extenuating circumstances: Thanos had a moral compass, but it was just completely unique to him. He believed that the universe would repeat the mistakes of his home planet - Titan. Titan had been rich and developed, but eventually became overpopulated and harmed the ecosystem of the planet. Thanos wanted to save the planet by eliminating half of life on Titan. Nobody agreed and Titan degraded and collapsed. So, he witnessed the death of his planet and did not wish to see it repeated around the universe. His rationale was that randomly and painlessly (except Spiderman) removing half of all life would save the ecosystems of the universe and never see a planet die like his own. Also, throughout his story, he never killed for joy or pleasure. His acts were also indiscriminate and logical (his own logic - yes). A real world idea: Oh my goodness - climate change! It is a scientific certainty that removing 50% of humans would save Earth from climate change, but it goes against everything in the survival nature of humanity. Who would volunteer to be part of the 50%! Thanos’ story also begs the question of where the ethical line is when a country like the U.S sends soldiers to another country to fight. Who is the villain in war? Villainous score: ??/100

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villianous score 91/100- not the worst villain^&^

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