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How To Eradicate Poverty

It’s easy Are you ready for a mammothly🦣 long number? $256,000,000,000,000 / 256 trillion US Dollars. That’s how much money there was in the world in 2016. The world population was 7.5 billion people, so can see what we’re going to do right? - 256 trillion divided by 7.5 billion = $34,133 EACH! When we take that money and convert it into different countries, it would be £25,000/ 40,000,000/29,000 Euro - hurray! That much money to a person living in a poverty-stricken country would save their life and allow them to buy a house, a car, pay for healthcare, clothes, and anything else you could think of! In Japan, it would be a car. In the UK, it would be about the same - or, 25,000 hamburgers at Mcdonalds (the tiny ones)! However, poverty would be gone - swoosh! I guess we should stop here. Goodnight and don’t let the bedbugs bite (people really say that and it is disgusting!). It’s impossible - 😭

I’m sorry/Je suis désolé (French) /Es tut mir Leid (German) /Mae'n ddrwg gen i (Welsh - whatttttttttt?). We’re not finished. We’re no way near finished! There is enough money for everyone to share, but NOBODY WANTS TO SHARE - dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn! - Humans really, really loathe sharing what they’ve earned. If you go into an incredibly rich and affluent person’s house and tell them that they need to give up their 100% golden toilet/throne, they will call their security alpacas to peck you out onto the street. Ask a Samsung worker to give up his new golf clubs and they will throw almonds at you (*ouch*). Evolution means that humans love to hoard resources JUST in case we need them to survive later. Sharing is not a human quality by nature!

Curse, you evolutionary resource greed!

This all means that we have three simple choices. Inspire people to share what they have and give their money to those who have none - it does work in small quantities, but people tend to only give what they don’t think they need. We can make people give away what we decide they don’t need - this will start a revolution and make you the most unpopular person in the entire world! So, we’re left with a third option. It’s called Game Theory and means - the best solution is the one where everybody is guaranteed to win. If everyone wins, no almonds will be thrown and no epic alpaca chases will occur. Education, education, education & jobs

Everything boils down to this, kids. Education is the big cheese, the head honcho, the top dog, the bigwig. It augments and improves everything. More education means more money and more ideas and more success, but it’s not enough to have only a few countries benefiting from school! Everyone needs to - the entire world - if we’re to get rid of poverty. Every single person, boy and girl, hairy and hairless, purple and green, left-handed and right-handed, left-eared and right-eared, needs access to great education. Perhaps people won’t share money, but how about sharing education?

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