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A happy, elite, brilliant online learning academy 

Jool helps primary and secondary students jump 2 years ahead of school.

Without limits

Kids Doing Homework


We believe that kids will change the world for the better. To help them achieve that, we're trying to reimagine education to be about THE KIDS and not tests, governments, or statistics. 

Kids are capable of so much and we want to be the guide that helps them unlock their potential, love learning, and start to move mountains. 

We want to build the best school in the world for students everywhere where they can be elite, loved, and celebrated. 

So, we take kids 2 years ahead of school and watch them fly. 

Why we created Jool:

01. To help kids love learning again

We want to inspire kids to love their learning journey in a safe yet challenging environment to reach their goals and unlock their potential. 

02. To go faster

We think school is too slow. So, we go faster without limits. Learning is so swift when you take off the brakes. That helps us jump 2 years ahead of school.

03. To recognise individuality

Each kid is unique, so their classes need to be, too. All of our teachers are vetted, expert, passionate teachers who build classes for the STUDENT. 

How we create superstars

Online Education

At Jool, we've thrown out the limits of traditional school curriculums because we believe children can surpass conventional academic expectations. Our mission is to spark a deep-seated passion for knowledge, propelling students 2-3 years ahead of their peers with our classes and tutors.


Here's our secret sauce: 

  • Elevated Academic Objectives: We set extraordinarily high academic standards, challenging students to expand their horizons and achieve beyond their limits.

  • Interactive and Joyful Learning: Every session is transformed into a captivating adventure, making learning an enjoyable and memorable journey.

  • Tailored Tuition for Every Learner: Recognizing the unique needs of each student, we provide personalized tutoring that adapts to their individual learning style.

We like to think of it as the Jool Sandwich: a blend of joy (the bread), elite expectations (the filling), and personalised learning (the salad) - all combining to create an educational experience that children don't just attend, but love.

How to study with Jool

Online Class


1-to-1 Tuition

Kids learn best when they're one-on-one with a teacher. The class can be fully personalised to meet the needs of the student. If you want to make the most rapid progress, this is the class you should take.

From £46 per hour


Group Classes

We often find that groups of friends are looking for the same solution, so a lot of our classes are formed by like-minded students and parents who form group classes to study our curriculum or something designed for their needs. Alternatively, you can join an existing class. 

From £150 per month



Sometimes, students just need a plan of attack for their studies. This is where our homeschooling course comes into play. Students complete our curriculum  at home. They submit and we mark it - simple!

From £100 per month

Meet the Team

Meet our wonderful teachers.

What our parents say:

Jenny's Mum

Since my daughter was enjoying the Jool Biology class so much, it inspired us to register her to take a university biology class. She loves it. 

Felix's Parent

We're expats living in Europe and my son has tried lots of different online classes. He loves Jool the most. The classes and curriculum really stand out.

Chloe's Parent

I've been taking the Jool Academic Writing Class for a year now and my child just won an essay contest at International School in Abu Dhabi.

Jool isn't right for every student

Not every student can handle the Jool curriculum or experience. Every class is a joy to be in, but we don't slow down and we keep raising expectations. It's not an easy ride but we believe in the outcome. 

We’re also not everyone’s cup of tea because we want to inspire kids, not force them or scare them into learning. We’re proud to say that, too, and we’ll never change. That’s why we don’t hire lots of teachers. We’ve only found a few who can inspire students in the Jool Way. 

We just think it’s possible to send our students off to the best schools and universities with remarkable, positive experiences and emotions, not stress and heartache. 

What we build in our Jool students

Girl with Folders

Confident, independent learners

From lesson ONE, we focus on active learning. We present, discuss, debate, and learn the core Jool concept: 

Online Class

Incredibly high expectations and targets

Our classes are free to go beyond normal curriculums. We jump straight to the important stuff. Our 8 year olds can think and write like 15 year olds and have the skills for ANY exam they come upon.

Distance Learning

Active leaders, not passengers 

Our classes and books are there to guide learners. We can stand and lecture kids, but true learning happens only when students are 'involved'! So, we empower students to lead while our teachers and coursebooks guide them. 

School Schedule

Polymaths - experts in a lot

Of course we specialise in the subjects are students need, but our founding idea was to create students who understand how everything fits together. We want students who can understand economics, politics, and ideas thematically. We want to create experts in multiple subjects, not just one. 

The proof is 
in the pudding

Our students are incredible. We love them. They love Jool. They love learning. That's our mission.

Critical thinking

Problem solving

Creating leaders