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Without limits

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Jool teaches advanced online classes to kids and homeschooling courses. The difference. We don't do tests and we don't put limits on learning. 

We know kids are capable of much more. Ready to prove it?

We think learning is often:

Slow learning

too slow and too limited

Low expectations

not academic enough

Boring learnin

a bit dull and uninspiring

Stress free learning


So, we asked three HUGE questions? 

  • What are kids really capable of when the learning is for THEM? 

  • Why do kids (and parents - oh no!) need to be stressed out by learning? 

  • Can we put the joy back into learning and aim for the stars?



But we have to say...Jool isn't for everyone

  • We teach things far beyond schools - we don't believe in saying, "That's too difficult." or "They are too young to learn that." 

  • We guide our kids to lead their lessons and become champions of their own learning. 

  • Our expectations and objectives are huge and very challenging - not every student can meet them.

What can I study?
We want to create polymaths, so we really go for it in our subjects - it's not easy!

The Jool Programme

Our core, polymath programme 

History, Politics, and Sociology

We consider the past shaping now.


The best books and reading/writing skills


Our books and courses focus on STEM content

52 Ideas
History, economics, and philosophy for older learners.

Essay and report writing


Human & Animal Biology

Study our courses in your own time

Does it work?

It's a great question​. We ask it before, during, and after every class because we want it to be better and better. 

We know it works because of three things: 

1) Our elite students talking about STEM subjects, complex ideas, and the biggest issues. 

2) Students smiling from ear to ear - no tests, no stress, great vibes. 

3) Our teachers love our classes and join us for our vision for education and for the students. 


The Jool Programme

Our core programme 


Human & Animal Biology

Academic Writing
University writing


Learn to debate like a pro

History, Politics, and Sociology

Study in your own time

Kids MBA

Coming soon!


Our books and courses focus on STEM content


Coming soon!


the best books

Computer Science

Coming soon!