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Jool Labs

An intensive study programme in the UK to help your kid smash their goals when they don't have much time.

Happy Student

So you haven't got much time?

Sometimes, time is of the essence. We get that. An exam is coming or you've got a week of vacation available. So, how do you make sure you smash your goals in such a short time? 

That's where Jool Labs comes in. We design intensive, focussed study programmes to immerse our students in their subject to make sure they come out on the other side with immese improvements and progress.

We love jumping over mountains

We don't believe that kids have any limits on learning. Sometimes, it's just that they've never had a teacher or class that designs the learning programme JUST FOR THEM. 

When you do that, it's amazing.


Track 1

Jool Labs Core 📍

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Outdoor Astronomy Class

Track 2

Jool Labs Plus

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Here's how to get started.



We design every Jool Study Camp from scratch to make sure we can help your child most effectively. It starts with a conversation with a Jool study advisor about the best plan. Book a free chat here. 


Make a plan

With the help of our Jool study advisor, we'll build a plan for your child to study at home, online, or in a location that suits you.


Start studying

When you're happy with the plan, the magic starts. Your child will start to really fly. 

You'll be connected with your child's teacher, our support team, and the Jool founder, James, to make sure the classes are perfect for your child.

Our Jool Promise:

Jool students fly!

But what if Jool isn't the right fit?

We get it. Jool classes aren't free and they're really challenging. Not every parent can sign up their kids to Jool classes. But, you can still use our workbooks and learning resources to help your child.

For those who can take our classes, we promise to get them 2 years ahead of school in maths, science, or any other subject they might study. After studying at Jool, school is easy.

Built for Students, by Teachers

We're not a state school, we're a learning academy and community. That means we have the freedom to design our courses and teach our classes for the benefit of our students as our only priority. 


To do that, we hire teachers who have worked with remarkable young learners for a long time. In fact, Jool was founded by teachers and will always put students and teachers at the forefront of everything we do. 

We're building the best school in the world. Are you ready to join the mission?

The Jool Programme

Our core programme 


Learn to debate like a pro

Kids MBA

Coming soon!


the best books


Human & Animal Biology

History, Politics, and Sociology


Our books and courses focus on STEM content

Computer Science

Coming soon!

Academic Writing
University writing

Study in your own time


Coming soon!

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