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Jool Education is looking for unforgettable teachers to work with precocious and brilliant students - particularly subject specialists. We pride ourselves on trusting teachers and providing brilliantly entertaining, high-energy classes. This isn't ESL or school-teaching. We're trying to raise the bar way beyond either. 

What we're looking for

What you need to do to be considered: 
Send your resume and tell us why you want to teach for Jool at We ask all applicants to grab a phone and record a short 1-2 minute video as part of your application explaining why you want to teach for us. It helps us to see your confidence and imagine you in the classroom along with the energy you bring. We will not accept generic introduction videos or applications. Please take the time to read who we are and engage with it. 

A FINAL NOTE - IMPORTANT. Again, please don't send generic cover letters. We took the time to say who we are and what we're trying to do, so please respond directly to the ad. Say why you fit with our project. =)

Jool is quite simple. We're trying to build a university for kids where they can reach as high as possible academically without ever losing the smile on their faces. No tests, no stress, the highest expectations - always delightful. 

We don't ask kids to memorise anything or answer simple questions like: "What did Hammurabi make?" 
We prefer: "How did The Code of Hammurabi change Babylon and history? Now, make your own code." 

It is supposed to be an antidote to the rubbish education that schools proffer around the world and rubbish materials teachers are asked to teach with. We, simply, want to build an online school that delights learners and sets the highest possible expectations without ever giving our students stress or anxiety about the experience.

We aim to do 3 three things:

1) Connect our students with teachers who are full of passion and energy to delight them.
2) Change the way education is perceived and taught by making the expectations on quality and achievement much higher - from the teacher and student perspective.
3) Never ever let our standards drop. Our commitment is to the kids and to give them the best experience possible.

We never do tests because we think they're a waste of time and instead put the focus on kids exploring new ideas. We don't care too much about kids being correct and care more about having ideas and being able to explain them. 

As a Jool teacher, you get to work for a growing game-changer. We're expanding into different areas like camps, physical schools, and publishing, so there are opportunities as we grow to be involved. We're founded by teachers and have put the hours in, so we understand the challenges and want to help our teachers find the satisfaction of talking about black holes and democracy rather than banana flashcards, the alphabet, and whatever the latest government says should be on end-of-year tests.

You'll be working with an average level of B2+, so it's an international school.

You'll teach Jool students online to a professional standard with care, enthusiasm, and responsibility. We want teachers to delight and inspire students, so be ready to show that.

The onus is on a fast-paced, energetic class with high expectations. We encourage teachers to experiment to get the best out of students. When you take a class, it's yours for the long-term - 6 months +, but ideally more than a year. 

All materials are provided and you're free to add to them and get creative.

This is a video of me with one of our brightest students!;t=422s
A master's degree is required + 2 years of teaching experience. The quality of applicants is very high, so we're looking for Master's Degree holders, but will consider experience in lieu of that. 

You'll teach through Zoom, so Zoom savvy teachers have an advantage.

Dazzle us because we want to dazzle our kids.


Email your C.V + video explaining why you'd like to work for Jool to

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