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Elite. Happy. Brilliant.

An elite, online English school: a university for kids in 1-to-1, 1-to-2, and 1-to-4 classes.


Elite expectations

Happy learners



Jacob is only 11 and he is learning stuff I didn't get to until I was at university. He loves it, and he LEARNS it. 

Jacob's Mum

Without limits

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The Jool sandwich

We started Jool when our founder, James Teacher, imagined taking the dizzying expectations of Daechi-dong, the heart of South Korean education, higher and taking them international. We see no limits on education and no reason why kids should be miserable. They should be in love with it and they should be far in advance of where we think they can be. To do that, we focus on two things: 

1. Aim far, far higher than any other school.
2. Make every class a joy to be in. 


We call it the Jool sandwich: to create a university for kids, you need joy, elite expectation, and another dash of joy!


Our learning

We believe in teaching 2 years ahead of private schools and international schools, ignoring tests, and letting our students soar without limits. Every single Jool class and book teaches and perfects key skills and ideas to help kids excel at UNIVERSITY, so school becomes a piece of cake. We think, act, and study like university students....just with a lot more giggling along the way.

자신감 있고 독립적인 학생들

From class ONE, we focus on active learning. We present, discuss, debate, and learn the core Jool concept: Who cares if you're wrong? As long as you can explain what you think, you're always right.

엄청나게 높은
기대와 목표

We don't do tests. This means our classes are free to go beyond normal curriculums. We jump straight to the important stuff. Our 8 year olds can talk like 15 year olds and have the skills for ANY exam they come upon.

우리는 학생들이 선도하고 성장할 수 있도록 돕습니다.

We teachers are there to guide learners Socratically. We can stand and lecture kids, but true learning happens only when students are 'involved'! So, we empower students to lead while we guide. 

우리는 폴리매스를 양성합니다 - 다재다능한 전문가

Our founding idea was to create students who understand how everything fits together. We want students who can understand economics, politics, and ideas together. We want to create experts in multiple subjects, not just one. 

백문이 불여일견

Our students are incredible. We love them. They love Jool. That's our mission.

Critical thinking

Problem solving

Creating leaders

Who we are

Who we are