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유료 플랜 선택

사이트에 적합한 플랜을 선택하세요.

  • Literature - Yr 2-7

    1개월 간격
    Pick a Jool subject and a start date (min. 7 days later)
     7일 무료 체험
    • 1 Month plan, cancel anytime.
    • Join our Classdojo learning community.
    • Post questions on the learning forum for teacher feedback
    • Work with your teacher on Classdojo to complete assignments
  • 10 Class Pack

    3개월간 유효
    • Jool on Demand 1-to-1
  • 5 Class Pack

    3개월간 유효
    • Jool on Demand 1-to-1

*Please note - Plans renew automatically every month unless cancelled.

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