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The "Jool - Literature Grade 7 Term 1-2 - V1.0 2024" workbook 📚 is a superb tool for Grade 7 students, making literature study interactive and insightful. It offers exercises on vocabulary 📖, comprehension questions ❓, and creative writing prompts ✍️, encouraging critical analysis 🤔 of novels and their themes. Students explore character motives, settings' significance 🏞️, and social-historical contexts 🕰️, learning to appreciate the depth of literature and storytelling's power to convey human truths ❤️. This workbook enriches students' literary journey, making it engaging and educational.

The "Jool - Literature Grade 7 Term 1-2 - V1.0 2024" workbook delves into an array of novels, each offering its own unique themes and lessons 📚✨:


"Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck​​": This classic explores the American Dream 🇺🇸, friendship 🤝, and survival 🏕️ during the Great Depression. Students analyze symbols like rabbits 🐰 and mice 🐭, and the complex friendship between George and Lennie, set against a backdrop of economic hardship.


"How Many Miles to Babylon?" by Jennifer Joh​​nston:

This novel examines class division 🏰⬇️, the impacts of war 💣, and friendship 🔄 amidst societal expectations. The workbook encourages students to consider Alec and Jerry's cross-class friendship, and how their bond is tested by their social standings and the war.


"Sophie’s World" by Jostein​​ Gaarder: A fascinating journey into the history of philosophy 🤔💭, prompting students to ponder reality, existence, and the evolution of thought 📈. It invites a comparison between ancient and 20th-century philosophers, blending philosophical concepts with literary analysis.


Through engaging with these novels, students gain insights into societal issues, philosophical debates, and the human condition, all while developing their comprehension and critical thinking skills 🔍💡.

Literature Grade 7 Term 1-2

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