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Core - The Jool Programme

Our core programme 


Human & Animal Biology

Academic Writing
University writing

Core - Literature

Study the best books, essay writing, story writing.

History, Politics, and Sociology

Study any Jool programme in your own time


Learn to debate like a pro

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Our books and courses focus on STEM content


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Kids MBA

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Computer Science

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Colorful Books


This course is all about creating fascinated readers who can write brilliantly. The standard is 1-2 years ahead of the UK and US systems. Students read the very best novels and learn to write essays and stories from day one.

Festive Event

History, Economics, and Politics

This course focusses on the analytical of the past and its relation to the present. We take a fascinating look at world history, economics, and sociology with essay writing and extensive reading.

Graduation Ceremony

52 Ideas

We look at the advanced ideas around us that power the world and make countries turn. We look at philosophy, physics, economics, and everything else in between. This course helps learners understand everything around them. 

Solar Eclipse


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Girl Raising Hand

The Jool Programme

This course is designed to show young learners how to speak intelligently and with expansive, ambitious vocabulary. Our teachers have the highest standards from the students and will insist on paragraphs and developed answers from the very start.

Sea Turtle


We examine key concepts in human and animal biology. We learn about the smallest cells to the largest mammals on Earth. We learn how our bodies work and function. 

A Girl in a Classroom

Academic Writing

This course teaches students to write effective and successful academic essays to prepare for high school and university. You'll learn key cohesive, structural, and logical frameworks to make your ideas clear, academic, and brilliant!

Car Factory


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