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1st Grade/Year 2 - 8th Grade/Year 9

This is a key time for learners to open their minds and learn how to think. We believe the foundation for that is to teach our students how to say and explain what they think. We introduce our students to advanced and fascinating subjects with a simple idea - YOU CANNOT BE WRONG. This stage is about creating courageous and bold thinkers.


Polymath Programme All grades

The Polymath Programme is our core Jool course for students who want to understand how EVERYTHING - and we mean everything - is connected. We study science, history, literature, and more between to understand how the world fits together. Every Polymath class focusses on presentation skills, debating, academic discussion, and more between.


Science (General) - All grades

Our Science course covers a range of scientific areas in a stimulating and exciting way. 

We don't memorise things. We don't learn passively. We do lots of projects and use the ideas we learn in thrilling and creative ways. 

Story Book

Literature All grades

We carefully picked books that challenge this age group but also delight them. We love Roald Dahl and David Walliams because they help kids to fall in love with literature. Our workbooks guide the students through comprehension and introduce them to extended essay and story writing. 

We spend around 3 weeks with a book, so the pace is swift!  

Illustrated Medical Heart

Biology (Human) All grades

Our Biology course imagines training young doctors to understand the human body. We could stand around listing muscles, but it's far more creative and thrilling (AND EFFECTIVE) to create stories about blood vessels and imagine being shrunk inside a human heart on a TV show! We act, we create, and we LEARN science unforgetabbly. 

Ancient Egyptian Woman

History, Sociology, & Economics - All grades

Here, we examine the past, present, and future and how they connect. We study world history rather an isolated one to better understand the ideas, concepts, and themes that affect every human being on Earth like economics, politics, philosophy, and society.

Crowd with Masks

Issues - 5th grade + 

Issues is designed to take real events in the world and use them to teach kids about the ideas behind them. It's a course designed for students who graduate from our Polymath course to introduce them news stories and articles from around the world and from the best journalists and writers. 


52 Ideas - 6th grade +

52 ideas is like a college degree compressed into 52 chapters. Each chapter encompasses one of the biggest ideas in our world from communism to democracy to competitive advantage to ecological collapse. It's advanced and it's university level. Perfect for Jool kids. 

Hand Drawing

Academic writing

Our academic writing programme is designed to take even the youngest learner and take teach them how to write essays, stories, articles, and everything else in between. We teach composition, work on structure, tackle important issues, and create balanced and talented writers who can write anything to anyone. 


Law - All grades

Law can seem like a bit of a dry subject in the wrong hands. So, we designed a course to teach law in the most exciting way - debates/cases/real-world examples. We have our own in-house legal eagles who know the subject inside-out. Like all Jool courses, we put the learner first, so no boring lectures or sermons! It's action-packed and full of thrilling lessons. 


Test Prep - All grades

We don't believe in testing OUR students, but the world does. Luckily, all of our courses and classes are designed with test skills at their core, so our students can go out and ace every test they sit. This course is for those REALLY important tests and exams. We personalise it for every student to make sure they are prepped and ready. We also carefully match a teacher who knows EXACTLY what's required. 

Jool Books

The Jool Lab

We're mad scientists and can't stop making new courses for our kids to study. The thing is ... we just love making our own workbooks because we're pretty sure nobody else in the world can do what we do. We love using some amazing textbooks like Story of the World, the Silk Roads, and incredible novels like War Horse and Great Expectations, but our magic sauce is our workbooks. 

Our workbooks: 

754 weeks of study in 58 Jool workbooks written FOR kids. Every book/term takes 12 weeks to complete. 

Antlers Vector Stripes Notebook Book Cover
Blue Modern System Technology Book Cover
Blue Brown Illustration and Abstract History Book Book Cover (1)
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jool 4
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.44.23 AM
Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 3.58.48 PM
Jool Book 10
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Literature Grade 1 Term 1

Coding & Probem solving

This course will aim to identify current and future problems, and then design solutions using technology to solve these conundrums. 

Kid's MBA

This course will aim help students to understand EVERYTHING in the world that makes the economies move. How do banks work? How do companies make profit? How companies sell their products?


Whatever the presentation is, we've got your back. Over the years, we've collected the best methods, techniques, and insight to make you a show-stopping speaker! 

We're building the best school in the world. Are you ready to join the mission?