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Polymath Homeschooling Programme - Book 11

Chapters 목차:
1) Economics (경제학)
inflation, exchange rates, interest rates
인플레이션, 환율, 이자율


2) Robotics (로봇 공학)
C4:H7:O2:N1 (chemical formula for life), robot rights, ethics
C4:H7:O2:N1(생명에 대한 화학식), 로봇 권리, 윤리


3) Transportation (운송)
centripetal/centrifugal force, air pressure, electromagnetism, vacuum trains
구심력/구심력, 공기압, 전자기학, 진공 열차


4) Food scarcity (식량 부족)
closed loop systems, GMOs, sustainability, city design
폐쇄 루프 시스템, 유전자 변형 농산물, 지속 가능성, 도시 디자인


5) Wealth distribution (부의 분배)
future economies of 2050, wealth factors, poverty, population growth/decline
2050년의 미래 경제, 부의 요인, 빈곤, 인구 증가/감소


6) Genomics (유전체학)
genetic editing, ethics, DNA methylation, disease prevention
유전자 편집, 윤리, DNA 메틸화, 질병 예방


​7) Virtual reality (가상 현실)
metaverse, neural pathways, sense receptors, augmented reality
메타버스, 신경 경로, 감각 수용기, 증강 현실


​8) Nanotechnology (나노기술)
molecular and atomic science, graphene, company building, nano-medicine
분자 및 원자 과학, 그래핀, 회사 건물, 나노 의학


​9) Artificial intelligence (인공 지능)
Ai supervised and unsupervised learning, quarks, the universe
감독된/감독되지 않은 인공지능, 쿼크, 우주


​10) Education (교육)
ADHD, the future of learning, education optimisation, virtual learning
ADHD, 학습의 미래, 교육 최적화, 가상 학습


​11) YOUR future (여러분의 미래)
critical thinking, Richard Feynman, Socrates, contradictory/circular logic
비판적 사고, 리차드 파인만, 소크라테스, 모순적/순환적 논리


​12) The future of EVERYTHING (모든 것의 미래)
cosmology, nuclear fusion/fission, the Sun's demise, species extinction
우주론, 핵융합/분열, 태양의 소멸, 종의 멸종


All of our books come in a PDF e-book format. Download it. Write on it. Doodle on it. Use it. Best viewed on an Android tablet or iPad


There are hundreds of activities for students to study to really engage their imagination and creativity. 


This book is ideal for any age and our Jool students study it from ages 10-14, but any age can enjoy the ideas and content.


The book is aimed to be studied over 12 weeks. All activities should be completed. 


The Jool Book series is unique. It's written by the Jool founder, James Roe, and it's aim is simple, to get kids to learn amazing things by DOING lots of amazing things. 



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Polymath Book 11 - The Understand the Future Book

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