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Jool for School

School matters. Your child might be at elementary, middle, or high school, or even getting ready for university. One things is for certain. School can create a lot of stress in kids.


We think it's possible to remove that stress and to help kids race 2-3 years ahead of what they study in school. 


Jool for School is all about designing a personalised course for your child to help them progress more quickly than they ever thought possible - all with a smile on their face. 

We use all of our experience and our vast library of educational materials to build a course that helps your child excel. 

If they need to study a specific textbook, no problem. We've got such a wonderful array of teachers with such huge experience in elementary, middle, and high school education, as well as college education, to help them master what they need to. 

Case study 1:

We have a wonderful student called Linda who came to us about 8 months ago to help her to prepare her for the Korea International School entrance test. We set her up with one of our wonderful teachers in our Jool Test Prep programme to prepare her for the speaking interview and...

she passed with flying colours. We helped her sister pass the junior entrance exam, too.  

Right now, we're helping Linda to pre-study her course materials for the new academic year to make sure she's ready to go when the school year starts and is ahead of her classmates. 

The challenge to excel in international schools is that it requires a lot of critical thinking and independent thought. We helped Linda to build her skills so she's ready from the first moment to excel in her new school. 

Case study 2:

We have another wonderful student called Mike living in California who left Korea a few years ago to relocate there. We've been working with Mike for about 2 years to help to build up his essay writing skills through our Jool Writing Programme.

Mike developed his essay skills and became the best in his English class. He gained a ton of confidence because our programme taught him how to write college quality essays in Middle School. We aim high and help kids achieve more. 

Case study 3:

You guessed it. We have another amazing student living in Singapore called Stacey who attends the Singapore American School. She needed some help to adapt to the American curriculum she studies there. We helped her with her science literature classes to make sure she was able to do a couple of things: 

1) She needed to feel confident in her ability to raise her hand and speak in class. She is incredibly intelligent, but she hadn't done a lot of academic English speaking when she was younger. We worked with her intensely for 2 months to build up her fluency by discussing the subjects she would study at school in a way that helped her form opinions. We used our T.E.E.A model to aid her paragraph building. 

2) Stacey had never academically studied literature or science. She had a lot of passive knowledge of the subjects, but she wasn't able to actively use it. We designed a curriculum for her full of project-based-learning to make her learning active and interesting. She loved it and now she's flying at school. 

Why our programme works:

It works because we see no limits for kids and relentlessly motivate our students to improve, improve, improve. We go straight to the key skills and vital subject knowledge. We push our kids to analyse, not memorise. We want our kids to study at a Jool level in class and then go to school and find it's a piece of cake. 

Who can take the programme:

Our Jool for School programme is different to our other courses because it's strictly 1-to-1 and personalised for the child. That means that we can help students regardless of their needs. If your child needs to build confidence before attending school in Vietnam or to get ready for university in the UK, we're here to help you achieve your goal. 

Here's how to get started:

1. Talk to our team about what you child needs and what you want them to achieve. We'll ask about details like what subject they need to improve or what weaknesses they currently have. 

2. We'll connect you with one of our teachers and with a personalised curriculum just for your child to help them improve. 


3. Your teacher will send monthly feedback on their progress with learning aims for the next month.  

Speak to us about your child's needs now.  

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