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Polymath Homeschooling Programme - Book 9

Guns, Germs, and Steel is a masterpiece, but it's also a bit of a slog for younger learners. This book aims to make the ideas more attainable for younger readers in a humorous and exciting way. The workbook is best studied with Guns, Germs, and Steel but can be studied alone.

All of our books come in a PDF e-book format. Download it. Write on it. Doodle on it. Use it. Best viewed on an Android tablet or iPad


We use critical thinking and analysis to find out who they were, what they did, and explore why it matters in an unforgetable Jool kind of way!

We're on a mission to make learning active and thrilling. Ready for a change, too? 

There are hundreds of activities for students to study to really engage their imagination and creativity. 

This book is ideal for any age, though our Jool students study it from ages 10-14, However, any age can enjoy the ideas and content.

The book is aimed to be studied over 12 weeks. All activities should be completed. 

The Jool Book series is unique. It's written by the Jool founder, James Roe, and it's aim is simple, to get kids to learn amazing things by DOING lots of amazing things. 

Polymath Book 9 - The Everything Book (A workbook for Guns, Germs, and Steel)

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