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A little gift to help you ace your next academic interview - Tell me about YOU!

Interviews can be difficult for students. I've interviewed so many students who I ask the simple question: "Could you tell me about yourself?"

The answers are usually not very impressive. Why? Well, nobody has taught students how important this question is now AND in the future. Everyone needs to know how to impress from the FIRST question, no matter how simple it seems.

We're always improving our books and courses, so here's a little sample that might help with your next speaking test or entrance interview.

Try out the activities and see what a difference it makes! If you know someone getting ready for an interview or test, this will help them.

Download the worksheets below, use them, and you'll see a difference.

Become an interview marvel! Round 2 - Tell me about YOU!
Download PDF • 676KB

We put together our Interview Prep course to help kids fly through their entrance exams at private schools and the results were fabulous. I've lost count of the number of kids who've done our 8 class course and then sailed through the most challenging speaking exams around. For more information, you can click on the link below to speak with our wonderful consultants. Regards, James Teacher

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