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Jool Speaking Interview Tip 1 - Slow Down

It’s not often that people tell you to SLOW DOWN. It’s usually the opposite. Hurry up! Clean your bedroom. Study faster. Read quicker. When it comes to giving great interview answers, however, you need to slow down sometimes.

That doesn’t mean speakinggggggggg lllllllllllliiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkeeeeeeee aaaaaaaa sssssssllllllloooooootttttttttthhhhhhhhh.

NO! It means not rushing through answers to get to the end.

Every answer you give MUST be at least 30 seconds long, but really, we want you to speak for 45-60 seconds. Take a look at this question:

Tell me about what you did today?

This is an answer we hear a lot.

I woke up, went to school, ate some lunch, came home, ate some dinner, and now I’m talking to you. Keep reading...

Become an Interview Marvel! Slow Down - question words
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Keep working hard and practice this. Remember, EVERY question is a chance to show your ability. If you need some help, you can ask about our Interview Prep Course here:

In the U.S/Canada/UK/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland: Have a blast! James Teacher =)

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