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Improve your science knowledge, study every day, improve your grades!

Here's the thing. The best way to improve your grades at school or knowledge about a subject isn't to go crazy for 3 days before a test. The answer is to be consistent and break it all down into smaller, sustainable chunks. That means, do a small amount every day and you'll cumulatively do more in the long-term. Here are two examples. At Jool, we have Marine Biology and Science (Junior) courses. They're difficult books and really challenging. We stuff them full of incredible videos we've found that students find fascinating.

You could grab one of these books and do EVERYTHING in 3 days, go crazy, sleep for 3 days afterwards, and then remember very little, could pick one video per day, watch it, take notes, and then relax a bit. I guarantee that the one video a day idea is going to work a lot better than rushing through everything. Your brain needs time to take ideas in, process them, and encode them into memory.

So, have a bash. Use this PDF for notes:

Jool Listening Sheet
Download PDF • 38KB

Now, go here and try out the idea. Pick ONE 5 minute video per day, watch it, take some notes, rinse, repeat. You'll learn a ton and enjoy it!

Remember, we're not trying to memorise everything here. The notes you take should be what YOU find interesting or fascinating or surprising. You're the hero in this story. Write and illustrate what you wish to write and illustrate about the video. Have fun! James Teacher =)

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