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Munchkin The Terrible Spotted In Carpet Town!

By Professor Bogey Munchkin the Terrible, wanted criminal, was spotted on video today joy-riding in a Barbie Jeep covered in stickers all around Carpet Town. A 'Girl Power' sticker was emblazoned on the windscreen, which was a clear law-breaking move by Munchkin.

Munchkin broke the town speed limits and was seen careering around town at speeds of up to 4mph in a 2mph zone. A local resident called Foot said, "I was just minding my own business resting on the floor when suddenly Munchkin The know that one...I've seen his face on the news at 4.27 with Trevor McDonalds. Well...he was out of control. Adorable, but out of control. My friend, Left Foot, posted it on social media and it went viral. I must say, Munchkin is clearly a criminal fur-ball, but does a lot for the town."

After crashing into local resident, Foot, he was seen hurtling into a local landmark, the wall. He left a small dent in the wall. An ear-witness heard him giggling and cackling shortly afterward. Local law enforcement agents at Carpet Town Police Department had this to say: "We have launched a munchkin-hunt to find the notorious El Terrible and we want residents of Carpet Town to stay at home until this dangerous fiend is caught. Lock your doors and put your feet inside shoes." The hunt continues. Jool News

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