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Nature is in Danger - Part 1

The Death of Bees - Explained

We need bees on leaves to pollinate the fruits on our trees! Answer the questions below about the video: 1. How much are honey bees worth in dollars? 2. How many bees have disappeared?

3. What major problem is affecting bee colonies? 4. Why are insecticides harming bees so much? 5. What fruits and vegetables are affected by spraying insecticides?

6. What will happen to humans if bees disappear?

Write your answers in the comments below. ^^

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09 mars 2022

DH answers :

1. The amount of plants pollinated by the bees are worth almost as much as 265 million dollars!

2. The honey bees all over the world, bee keepers are having an annual loss of 30-90%. 3. The major problems effecting the bees are mostly parasites,viruses, and fungie.(And also humans :( )

4. Neonicotines attack the bees' nervous systems, and kill the bees. They are the most commonly used all over the world!

5. Well, a whole lot! There are apples, blueberries, cherries, potatoes, tomatoes and dozens more. 6. Well, we won't have a happy life if you love veggies, and you would probably not have a very healthy life. And also not to mention, millions and billions of people…

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