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The Lemon Squeezy Writing Book for Younger Students - KR

Not every student knows how to write. It's difficult, so at Jool we, we've been hard at work in the Jool Lab making our world-famous Lemon Squeezy Writing Book. We wanted to give very young or inexperienced writers a step by step guide to become amazing writers and move onto our really difficult and academic Writing Course.

Here's why it is so special:

Key objective #1: Structure

The most difficult thing for young writers to learn is structure. That's why we teach our famed T.E.E.A writing and speaking structure. We introduced it here in a way that younger writers can learn and use quickly. After that, we can immediately start using it in an accessible and interesting way for younger students:

Objective #2: Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs

We want our students to ALWAYS write in paragraphs. The first paragraph structure they learn is the SAME paragraph structure used to write amazing academic university essays in the future. That's why we tell people we're a university for kids. We want to teach techniques that can be used at university, not just elementary or middle school.

Objective #3: Write your OWN ideas

The idea behind the writing course is to become a confident and independent writer. That means, after we give our students a structure, they need to use it and improve it. It also means that they need to write their OWN ideas and write a LOT. We have a rule that every Jool book has a certain number of lines we carefully picked. All answers must write on EVERY line because it's only when we do so that ideas become NOT just a sentence, they become paragraphs.

Building long-term writers

Becoming a brilliant writer is a lifelong mission. It's got to be enjoyable and it has to allow the writer to explore their passions, thoughts, and ideas. Learn to love writing! Love, James Teacher

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