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What if you had 4 arms?

Quattro-Kid Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, thrice, frice (?)❌ You’ve got four arms - lucky you! You’re a medical and magical marvel, unlike anyone else on Earth, but there’s a mighty impediment to this whole extravaganza and it lies inside your noggin’ (your head). Your brain is unfit for this new responsibility. Go here and see what happens -

Did you witness lines dancing on the screen, circles spinning, and great illusionary imagery? Of course, you did. Me, too. But yet, we are fools, FOOOOOOLS! None of that stuff ensued in the slightest. Our brains are easily befuddled by a few deft strokes of a pencil or paintbrush. If you are suddenly granted 4 arms, what makes you think your brain is masterful enough to use them? Try this experiment: grab two pencils and two pieces of paper. Write “A giant banana sandwich” on paper A with your left hand and “A sandwich of banana giants” on paper B with your right hand AT THE SAME TIME. I wonder if your brain can hack it?

Don’t rain on my parade, man

We can’t very much continue on this quest of what ifssssss if we can’t overcome the first scientific and logical conundrum. Let’s take the idea of our feeble brains and hurl it far, far away into the deepest toilet in the world. You’ve got 4 arms….WAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO. We’ll imagine that you can control them cohesively like Doctor Octopus’ devilish limbs. You’re not evil, right? Well, you could be. Your extra arms could be used for all sorts of devious and malicious purposes. You could use them deftly to steal test answers, government secrets, and GOLD! Or, if you are more angelic, you could do 4 distinct tasks at the same time. You can study, play baseball, eat, and … sorry…no…two hands needed for a baseball bat. Will you use your new gift of quattro-limbs virtuously or goodness or diabolically?

A superhero

Let’s imagine you said for the benefit of you and life on our planet. If you decided to commit acts of evil, then I’ve called the police.🚨 “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do say may be used in….” As Quattro-Kid, you are going to change the world. You are now the most efficient and speedy person on Earth. You can work twice as fast as everyone else and achieve great feats in half the time. You could very simply and spontaneously decide to climb mountains at double speed like some kind of human spider. You’ll be a nightmare to compete in the Olympics against. If you play basketball, you’ll possess a magnificent and unstoppable competitive advantage. You’ll be a blur of swirling arms, dazzling your opponents.

A lonely life

Yet, will humanity accept you and your godly, omnipotent powers? You will seem like a different species of human - more evolved and advanced. People may consider you to be a deity and worship you as such. Whole countries could reject their governments and throw themselves on their knees at your feet. You, the Quattro-Kid-God!. Or, they may reject you as some kind of dangerous fiend who needs to be stopped. This could lead to a lonely life, castigated by society. A four-armed future is nebulous and blurry. Your life could be wondrous and marvellous, or difficult and unpredictable!

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