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Why do humans poop ?

Why do humans poop?

Don’t forget mythical creatures

Everything poops. Don’t let anybody tell you that they don’t. Sometimes, people pretend they don’t or become embarrassed about it, but everyone poops. If you don’t poop, you’ll die! It’s that serious. Really! Pooping is one of the most important things your body does and is essential for you to live. Even mythical creatures like the Minotaur and unicorns would definitely poop. The minotaur used to eat unlucky prisoners in the labyrinth. All of that meat has to go somewhere.

Everything goes somewhere

Are you ready to discover one of the most important facts in the universe. NOTHING DISAPPEARS. Nothing! When you burn something, it doesn’t disappear. It turns into a gas and floats away (that’s why we have so much air pollution!). When you put a tomato in water, it fills with liquid and starts to dissolve into the water. But, they don’t disappear. Everything is made of molecules, as you know, and these molecules simply change. It’s like taking a piece of chocolate. You can drink it as hot cacao, you can eat it when it’s crunchy, or you can turn it into ice cream. It’s the same chocolate in a different form. Even the molecules that make your bodies go somewhere else when they’re not needed. Remember, your body changes its cells every 7 years. When you produce new cells, the old ones become waste and DISAPPEAR…...NO! They become waste and they must be removed from our bodies. How, I hear you shout! In POOP! And pee, and sweat, and bogies, and dead skin that turns into dust! Woohoo.

Your very own factory

Your body is producing …! It’s like a factory that makes more of your cells. Brain cells, butt cells, thumbnail cells - everything. It’s all vital. Your body takes in energy and nutrients from food, uses oxygen to open them, and then makes things you need. Now, remember last time, we talked about your muscles using energy from food. Well that energy is pulled out of food in your stomach. Your incredibly clever organs push the food through your body, taking what’s needed, and ignoring what isn’t. Other waste that your body doesn’t need is added, and slowly, beautifully, your intestines create A GIANT BEAUTIFUL POOP! HURRAY! And we all know what happens next.

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James Teacher
James Teacher
Sep 19, 2022

I knew a man called Poopy McPoopface and he pooped 177 times per day!!!

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