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The Jool Essay Guide - Start with a Bang: Essay Introductions - The Hook!

Hey there, young writers!

Are you ready to learn how to write an essay introduction that grabs your reader's attention from the very beginning? It all starts with a HOOK!

You want to get your readers' attention. If you don't, they'll never put down their Composting Weekly magazine.

In this guide, we'll explore some easy but wonderfully effective techniques and examples to help you kick-start your essays with a bang. Get ready to dazzle your readers and make them eager to dive into your fantastic writing! They're going to look like this when they see your introduction:

Option 1. The Captivating Question:

Example: Imagine you're writing an essay about your favourite animal, the humble, modest, and bold Pomeranian. Your introduction could begin with a captivating question like, "Did you know that Pomeranians were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt on account of their immense beauty? Okay, I made that up, but would have blamed them if it were true!"

Option 2. The Fascinating Fact:

Example: Let's say you're writing an essay about space exploration. Begin your introduction with a mind-blowing fact like, "Did you know that astronauts can grow up to two inches taller when they're in space? Buckle up and prepare for an out-of-this-world journey through the vast universe!"

Option 3. The Imaginary Scene:

Example: If your essay is about a magical adventure, you can create an imaginary scene to captivate your readers. For instance, "Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a hidden forest where fairies flutter and talking animals roam. Join me on an enchanting journey through this mystical land, where anything is possible!"

Option 4. The Personal Anecdote:

Example: Let's say you're writing about your favourite hobby, playing football. Start your introduction with a personal anecdote, such as, "As the referee blew the whistle, my heart raced with excitement. I could feel the grass beneath my feet and the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Lace up your boots and join me on the football field for an exhilarating adventure!"

Option 5. The Quirky Statement:

Example: For an essay about inventions, you can begin with a quirky statement like, "What if I told you that a simple rubber band has the power to launch a rocket? Get ready to explore the bonkers world of inventions, where even the most ordinary objects can change the world!"

Remember, the goal of your introduction's hook is to capture your reader's attention and make them excited to read more. So, be creative, let your imagination run wild, and have fun with your opening lines!

Next up:

Next in this series, we'll look at how to get your essay started with a thesis statement.

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