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What if everyone had the same face?

Socially (with other people):

As the idea of a face disappears, emphasis will be placed on other aspects of physical appearance, like weight and shape. This would create an overwhelming focus on ideal body types. 😓 People may well be judged more readily for erring outside of these tight guidelines. If you have beautiful hands, you could become internationally famous for being Miss Gorgeous Right Hand or Mr Beautiful Elbow. 👏🌟 You may start to see elbow models and knee models on TV. 📺

However, as everyone's face becomes generic, society will also be less focussed on appearance. Socialising with friends would be an odd business as your friends will have the same face as you. 😂 You won’t know who is who on the basis of their face, so you’ll have to wear your name or have some other way to distinguish yourself. That could be having a unique animal call (like a dolphin’s ‘eck eck eck’) 🐬 or with your own short ditty: “MikeFlower …BikePower….!” 🎶 You could also develop a unique dance to allow others to know who you are. 💃🕺


An expected technological response to everyone having the same face would be a boom in make-up, prosthetics, and CGI tech that would allow individuals to have a different face. 💄🤖 An arms race would take place among beauty suppliers to be first. If we are suddenly able to have literally ANY face you can imagine, people may start wearing animal faces. You’ll pass tiger faces, donkey noses, and very possibly, pigeon beaks. 🐯🐴🐦 Shops would sell these fictitious and fake faces at an ever lower cost to the customer. Logically speaking, tech companies wouldn’t stop there and would start to offer other prosthetics to complete the animal look. Claws and wings may start becoming the norm, attached like shoes or a backpack to the individual. 🦅🦉 Animal tech could start to transform the way people live their lives. You could have whole families who dress up as and act like eagles. They may start to squawk, perch in high corners of the city, and prowl around looking for rabbits. 🐇


As humans began to have the same face, legislation would need to protect the vulnerable from identity theft. 🔐 All older people could become victims of cybercrime and so identity would need to be verified in different ways. Passports would not be able to use facial recognition for identity and other biometric data would be required. This would possibly lead to nefarious criminals targeting fingerprint technology. 🚨 Also, more thorough checks would need to be carried out in day to day life. People may start to wander into each other's homes and offices claiming to be someone who lives or works there. Also, importantly, parents could pretend to be their children and sit exams in their place. There would be mass cheating and fraud. 👀 Our eyes may therefore become a valuable form of identification and would be scanned constantly as you walk around. Shops may start to scan you and then use AI shop assistants to sell personalised products to you….just like Google….. 🛒🤖

It would be…..great fun! 🎉

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