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We help our students jump 2 years ahead of school

We're building the best online learning academy in the world for kids where they can study with our incredible, passionate tutors. 

Our kids go to some great schools.


Kids are unique

They have no limits when it comes to learning, but as every child is unique, so too is the way every child needs to learn. Schools can be hard because they have large classes without much time for individual focus. Homeschooling can help, but where do you start? That's where Jool comes in. 

We've got the secret sauce

It's difficult as a parent to know how to find the right tutor or class to help your child meet their goals. Luckily, we've some fairy dust. Since 2019, we've been helping hundreds of wonderful Joolians (our amazing students) to smash their goals. 

How to get started


Take a look at our curriculum to see if there is a Jool course that might be perfect. If not, no problem. We can build a course for your child.


We want to make sure your child studies exactly what they need with exactly the right teacher. You can book a free chat with us to talk about your child and their needs, for you to ask any questions you like about Jool. If you want to sign right up, just jump to step 3.


Just fill out this short form and we'll set up a class schedule that suits you and your child. That's where the magic happens. You'll be able to discuss your child's progress each week with their teacher and watch them fly.

Our Jool Promise:

Jool students fly!

But what if Jool isn't the right fit?

We get it. Jool classes aren't free and they're really challenging. Not every parent can sign up their kids to Jool classes. But, you can still use our learning blog and learning resources to help your child.

For those who can take our classes, we promise to get them 2 years ahead of school in maths, science, or any other subject they might study. After studying at Jool, school is easy.

We're building the best school in the world. Are you ready to join the mission?

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