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How to eat wonderfully

How to eat like a dream

One sandwich too many

You need to know this. Each person has a Basal Metabolic Rate, which is….how many calories you need to just NOT DIE. Those calories power your brain, your heart, your lungs, and everything else in between. After all, each of your organs are essentially muscles and need energy to contract and function. Now, let’s say you actually get up from the floor and move about during the day.

As you move and use muscles to do so, you’ll use energy to do it. If you burn (not really on fire - just using) 1000 calories, you’ll need to replenish your energy with 1000 more calories. if you burn more calories than you consume, your body will start to burn your body fat and….you’ll lose weight as you have a calorie deficit! Et voila! However, and this is the BIG, GIGANTIC, MAMMOTH problem on Earth, humans frequently don’t move enough and eat far too much. They consume more calories than we use and we end up with a calorie surplus, which makes us….dun dun dunnnnnnn...overweight!

Old Nana used to say, “You need a bit of fat on you!” Well, scientifically, she was right 1000 years ago. Back then, humans didn’t have the kind of farming and food production we possess now. Science has found a way of conquering the biggest problem ever - growing enough food - and now we produce so much that we can choose to be overweight.

Our ancient ancestors used to cling on and frequently starve because they couldn’t collect enough to eat. Like bears hibernating through winter, humans relied on body fat to help to survive the bleak winter months. Our bodies sometimes urge us to eat fatty foods as winter approaches. However, in a 1st world nation, this is often utterly irrelevant to our modern world. A billion people don’t have enough food, but if you’re reading this, you likely do. Our lesson, stop eating so much! ^^

O vegetable! My vegetable! Our awesome meal is done EAT your vegetables. Meat is okay in small quantities because it provides calories and vitamin b12, along with iron, but our bodies aren’t designed to eat huge quantities of the stuff. Animal protein is tough stuff and our kidneys have to work at about 100% capacity to process it. If you eat a spoon of tofu, it contains almost as much protein and our kidneys snooze while processing it.

Peas - I LOVE PEAS - are like a superfood. They have everything inside. They are nutritionally dense and full of goodness and sustenance. They are also like tiny, green footballs and you can flick them at people. Nutritionally dense foods have every letter of the vitamin alphabet and make your body sing (metaphorically)!

Keep it clean, green, and you’ll beam

Even though veggies are the bomb (not a literal one) and wonderfully helpful, they are also grown with the use of chemicals like fertilisers, insecticides, and pesticides. Well, the first one helps plants grow massive, while the next two kill insects that touch the veggies.

This has led to a huge disappearance of insects! You need organic veggies, kids, but they are so pricey in shops! The answer, grow your own! We have so much space, so much sun, and millions of things we can grow and eat. Get cracking!

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