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The Heart ♥️Poem

By an unknown (not really) author

My heart, my heart is just a giant🧴 pump. “I will prevail” it shouts with a strong ‘thump, thump’

One thump per ventricle, the muscles 💪 of the heart. They push blood to my muscles especially when I FAAAART💨.

Blood’s the key you see,

for without the oxygen it carries, you’d be weaker than a pea.

Arteries leave the heart with boxes 📦 of oxygen and deliver 📫 it to my body parts.

Veins bring back that blood to my heart with just CO2 in their carts🪫.

Without my heart I’d be as dead as a 🚪doornail,

so I do my best to not let my ticker fail.

Be sure to keep it strong with lots of exercise,

To keep you thump thumping for every glorious sunrise🌅.

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